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The Coat of arms of the Principality of Nassau-Fulda

The Coat of arms of the Duchy of Nassau

The Nassau Castle


by Miroslav Marek


Possessions of the Nassau House before the French Revolution
Territorial formation the Duchy of Nassau in 1803-1815
The Duchy of Nassau in 1815-1866

Portraits of the Rulers

Wilhelm (1748-Apr 1806), Prince of Orange, of Nassau-Dillenburg; Stadholder of the Netherlands (Willem V)

Friedrich-August (1738-Mar 1816), Prince (Duke 1806) of Nassau-Usingen

Friedrich-Wilhelm (1768-Jan 1816), Prince of Nassau-Weilburg

Wilhelm-Friedrich (1772-1843), Prince of Orange, of Nassau-Dillenburg, of Fulda, etc.; King of the Netherlands (Willem I); Grand Duke of Luxembourg, etc.

Wilhelm (Willem) III (1817-1890), King of the Netherlands; Grand Duke of Luxembourg

Adolf (1817-1905), Duke of Nassau, Grand Duke of Luxembourg


Plaque of the Grand Officer of the Order of Adolphus of Nassau

Plaque, badge and ribbon of the Order of the Gold Lion of the House of Nassau